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The Peer Education training begins in the fall when we begin meeting during our club time from 2:45-3:30 twice a during our ten day cycle. We begin with an assignment to observe a fifth grade class and a sixth grade class and to write up their observations (see attached). In October we go on an overnight retreat where we discuss the program at length and break into teaching teams. The Senior Mentors present the first 6th grade lesson and each team rehearses and presents another of the lessons. This enables everyone to see the 6th grade lessons in their entirety before we teach the program.

During the retreat, students talk about their strengths and weakness regarding their teaching ability. Students then meet, without adults, to discuss how they handle the “party” scene now that they are peer educators.

After the retreat we continue to meet on during club time while we prepare, rehearse and review the teaching of the 6th grade. The 6th grade program is completed before winter break. There is a half-day retreat after break to prepare the 5th grade lessons and that program is completed before spring break. After spring break the focus of the training is to prepare the two lessons for the 8th grade.