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Program Summary


Bryn Mawr trains three teams of three peer educators to teach four lessons to5th grade students and four lessons to 6th grade students. Each team has at least one senior Peer Educator who acts as a mentor to the team and works with the team to rehearse lessons.

The lessons taught to 5th grade focus on:

· Friendship
· Communication
· Intolerance
· Being True to Self

The lessons taught to 6th grade focus on:

· Friendship
· Inclusion/Exclusion
· Risks and Consequences
· Getting Help

Additionally, we also have two new programs that we are implementing. Our senior Peer Mentors have completed the second year of teaching a suicide prevention lesson to all freshmen. This year we are adapting that program to better serve the needs of the Bryn Mawr community. Also, we will be having two informal lessons with 8th grade students this year to discuss decision-making situation when transitioning to the upper school.