Christopher O'Neil Peer Education Program

Saint Paul's School

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Saint Paul's School

Peer Education Program

The Peer Education is in its seventh year at St. Paul’s School. After completing a rigorous application and interview process, thirteen or fourteen Peer Educators are selected from the junior class They teach six lessons a year on topics of their choice.

Peer Ed Training – Introduction

Training is done in three hour blocks of time two consecutive afternoons during the third week in August. We coordinate our training with athletic try-outs. In this way, our students are on campus and, after their athletic try-outs, they attend our training sessions. Since classes haven’t begun, the peer educators are fresh, unstressed and focused.

The first day is spent having the group bond as well as revisiting what it means to be a sixth grader. On the second day of training, the peer educators teach a lesson, and the faculty coordinators demonstrate strategies for handling various challenging situations.

The peer educators prepare and teach a lesson each month. We create the lesson on Monday night, teach Tuesday morning, and debrief immediately after the lesson. This organizational plan has worked well thus far.