Christopher O'Neil Peer Education Program

Saint Paul's School for Girls

11232 Falls Road

Brooklandville, MD 21022


Beth Nichols


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Training Information

SPSG’s faculty advisors plan a training retreat that takes place every September. It is held on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday from 2-7 p.m. at school in the Trustees’ Room. At the Retreat, returning Peer Educators help mentor and train the new ones. In addition, the faculty advisors work with all of them on role model issues, what it means to be a Peer Educator, teaching tips, group dynamics, “what ifs,” confidentiality, communication skills and the social & emotional lives of middle schoolers. In addition, they pick a theme for the year, and start planning their first lesson. Peer Educators at SPSG enjoy writing new lessons each year but use old lessons to guide them. They like keeping lessons current and enjoy the creative process of writing with their team.

After the Retreat, the Peer Educators and faculty advisors meet every 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at school. At that meeting they write/revise and practice lessons with input and feedback from faculty. Before they teach each lesson, Peer Educators submit their lesson plans to faculty advisors to review; after they teach, they sometimes revise the lesson based on how it was received by the 6th graders. They e-mail or talk with the faculty advisors with any concerns or questions that arise during their lessons.

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