Christopher O'Neil Peer Education Program

Friends School of Baltimore

5114 North Charles Street

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Training Information

The training of Friends School peer educators begins in late September or early October with an intensive overnight retreat led by faculty which is mandatory for all peer educators. After initial icebreakers and team building exercises we discuss the history of peer education and what it means to be a peer educator at Friends including responsibilities and expectations. We discuss what it was like to be a 5th and 8th grader and talk about the art of teaching and how to manage classroom behavior. The remaining time is spent on fine-tuning or reworking lesson plans and breaking into teams to practice lessons.

The peer educators are selected by faculty and administrators from the entire student body (grades 9-12). The attempt is to choose students who represent a cross section of the community and would be good teachers and authentic role models, “real kids” who want to be involved and are not just using it as a resume builder. Friends School does not feel it is mandatory for peer educators to be “non-users” but they must be a positive role model and committed to the integrity of the program.

Friends School offers a total of 5 lessons both in the 5th and 8th grade. The first lesson is in November, the second in December, the third in March and the fourth in April. The last lesson for both grades is a transition to middle and upper school respectively. The Sunday night before every lesson we meet as a group and review the lesson material. We divide into teams and discuss specifically how the lesson will be taught (how and if we break the kids into groups, who will begin and how to proceed).